Connect elegantly brings together a refined, natural rusticity and a discreet, matt metallic effect to create a modern vintage look.   




Upholstery fabric Connect is distinguished by its fusion of wool and post-consumer recycled polyester and by its colours inspired by both nature and vintage. With its unique construction based on a minimum use of materials, Connect offers high-performance properties and a natural rustic elegance with a discreet metallic reflection.




Refined & vibrant

Exposed to light, the surface of Connect comes to life revealing an elegant, matt metallic effect that adds a refined vibrancy to the fabric and allows it to complement a vast variety of both cold and warm materials – from wood and leather to glass and metal.

Nostalgic yet contemporary colours

Connect offers 38 beautiful modern vintage colours. The palette connects vintage and contemporary shades inspired by nature and creates a harmony between light naturals and deep darks ranging from rustic browns to greens, reds and indigo blues.



High-performance properties

By connecting layers of wool and polyester, Connect offers a unique construction that combines the best from both materials to achieve high-performance properties. The fabric is durable and fire retardant meeting the stringent requirements of Crib5. Connect is ideal for office furnishings and for high-traffic environments such as meeting rooms and waiting rooms.

A sustainable choice

Made of nature’s own material wool and post-consumer recycled polyester – and with a construction that requires a minimum use of materials – Connect is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. The fabric carries the EU Ecolabel and is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.  



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