Cross woven and in a multiplicity of colours, Morph stands out with its unique layer effect, visual deepness and shimmering micro pattern.

Morph is a multi-coloured wool fabric distinguished by its cross woven design and daring blend of yarns in seven different colours that criss-cross the surface in vertical and horizontal lines. The cross weaving of multiple colours creates a distinct layer effect and visual deepness, a beautifully textured and vibrant surface with a soft, satiny touch and a simple yet complex micro pattern.




Multi-coloured adaptive design

With its elegant, simple and vibrant design, Morph is highly adaptive and easily integrated into a variety of spaces and environments.  Due to the multiplicity of colours, the fabric combines successfully with a wide range of materials and is, moreover, suitable for various purposes and applications – from office furnishings to soft seating. 




Iridescent colour combos

The palette offers 24 colourways that each combines a minimum of seven different contrasting as well as complimentary tones to create one colour. The spectacular colour combos create a lively and almost iridescent surface, where colours change and shimmer depending on the light and the angle of perspective bringing an aspect of motion into contemporary spaces.



High abrasion score

Morph offers all the strong, natural properties of wool including excellent durability and a long service life. With a high abrasion score of 200,000 Martindale, Morph is extremely durable and withstands even heavy use in high traffic areas.

Environmental labels

Made from 85 % rapidly renewable, biodegradable and recyclable New Zealand wool, Morph has an excellent environmental profile and is certified in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel.

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