Create warm and tranquil indoor spaces with screens clad in elegant fabric Thrill.


Thrill is a discreet and unicoloured polyester screen fabric with a soft, smooth and elegant texture inspired by classic velour. The fabric’s subtle and inconspicuous design is pleasing to the eye creating a tranquil visual experience and calming indoor spaces.



Screens in all shapes and forms

Thrill is designed specifically for screens and panels and can be applied to all types of room dividers and vertical surfaces – from small desk-mounted screen solutions to free-standing floor screens in all sizes and shapes.


Plush pile got it all

With its soft, plush pile, Thrill is an elegant and contemporary choice for room division adding a warm, comfy and welcoming touch to all types of commercial and residential interiors. The fabric’s soft and solid texture enhances the experience of a muted and tranquil environment.


Thrill_Be_Inspired2.jpg (1)

Soft & dusty tones

With a choice of 15 douche nuances, the colour palette perfectly reflects the fabric’s soft touch and subtle expression. Pretty pastels, Nordic greys, dimmed greens and dusty amethyst all enhance the harmonious and tactile feel of the fabric. Even the few brights, red and yellow, that add a pop of colour to the palette, are mixed with black to create a dusty, muted expression.


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