Made from New Zealand wool, completely free from harmful chemicals and with a never-fading beauty, Select is the sustainable choice for all types of furniture and interiors.

Made from 85% pure, new wool from New Zealand, free from harmful chemicals, eco-labelled and manufactured with respect for nature and animal welfare  – and with an almost infinite lifespan – Select is the sustainable choice and the ultimate upholstery fabric for eco-friendly furniture and safe indoor environments




All-natural & renewable

Wool from New Zealand is recognised as the best in the world meeting even the highest environmental standards. It is an all-natural, rapidly renewable and biodegradable fibre that can be safely returned to nature’s own cycle at the end of its service life.




Chemicals – no thanks!

The wool used for Select has not been carbonised and no artificial softeners, anti-bacterial treatments, anti-peeling agents, toxic dyes or other harmful chemicals have been added in the process. Free from harmful chemicals, Select does not emit pollutants or odours that affect indoor climates and compromise human health and comfort.



Eco-labels say it all

Select is Oeko-Tex certified and carries the EU Ecolabel. The eco-labels guarantee high environmental standards and verifies Gabriel’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, the environment as well as user health and safety.


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