Made from 85% pure, new wool from New Zealand, upholstery fabric Select offers superior natural properties and unsurpassed functionality.


Woollen upholstery fabric Select is a high-performance fabric distinguished by an unparalleled range of natural properties, unsurpassed functionality and superior technical benefits. Made from a blend of 85% pure, new wool from New Zealand and 15% polyamide, the fabric has it all – from superior strength and durability to inherent flame resistance and excellent upholstery properties.




Superior strength & fire resistance

Boasting a rating of 200,000 Martindale, Select is an extremely durable fabric offering excellent dirt repellence and easy maintenance. With its extraordinary strength and durability combined with superior fire resistance, Select is highly suitable for even the most demanding high-traffic environments.



Excellent stretch – easy to use

Made from naturally flexible wool fibres, Select is distinguished by its excellent stretchability. The fabric is easy to use for upholstery, is suitable even for complex forms and shapes, and guarantees a time-efficient upholstering process. To top it off, the fabric effectively regulates heat and moisture offering a comfortable seating experience regardless of the changing seasons.



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