Create a light, airy expression and superior seating experiences with mesh fabric Vivid designed specifically for office chair backs.




Vivid is a semi-transparent, multi-coloured and self-supporting mesh fabric manufactured from 80% post-consumer recycled polyester. It is a strong and durable fabric distinguished by a light and airy appearance designed specifically to be applied on a frame for office chair backs.


Soft textile look

Unlike other technical mesh fabrics, Vivid has an unusual soft and comfy textile look that adds a homey feel to contemporary workplaces and makes it an attractive choice for commercial and residential markets alike.

Vivid_3.jpgDynamic dots

Up close the fabric is characterised by small distinct dots in multiple colours arranged in a vibrant and dynamic pattern that brings the surface to life. From a distance the dots visually blend together, and the fabric surface appears placid and almost unicoloured.


Countless mix and match options

The colour palette is composed of ten all-round colours including bright red, blue and yellow with a contemporary twist as well as graphic greys and neutral hues like beige and rose. All the colours are designed to complement the palettes of other Gabriel fabrics as for example Felicity, Crisp and Atlantic. Use Vivid for the chair back and Felicity for the seat to create a perfectly coordinated colour expression and a bold mix of textures.


Superior comfort

Vivid offers good stretch and recovery properties ensuring that the fabric retains its look, shape and stretchiness despite of wear and tear. The fabric’s elasticity and flexibility also ensure superior comfort, ergonomic support and a softer, more comfortable seating experience.


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