With its captivating colour blends, dynamic expression and strong functionality Breeze Fusion offers premium craftsmanship and a touch of sophistication.

Breeze Fusion is a richly textured, woollen upholstery fabric brought to life by intriguing colour blends that merge across the surface creating a vibrant, contemporary expression full of complexity and mystery.




Surprising colour combos

The true beauty of Breeze Fusion lies in the colour details, and the surprising colour combos invite you to explore the infinite shades and nuances undulating across the graphic surface. As the colours are constantly changing depending on the light and perspective, it is an endless journey.



The perfect match

With its multitude of shades, tones and nuances Breeze Fusion merges harmoniously with all kinds of materials – from various wood species to metals and plastic. Smoothly embracing all shapes and forms, the fabric adapts to all types of furniture and is easy to use for upholstery.


Nordic blues and intense reds

The palette consists of 44 contemporary colourways each made up of different colours – from subtle tone-in-tone mixes to daring blends that instantly catch the eye. The range of colours include deep Nordic blues and turquoise, intense reds, pink and purple, warm earth colours and fresh spring tones of green.



Superior functionality

Breeze Fusion offers all the strong properties of wool including  superior durability, inherent fire resistance and a strong environmental profile. It carries the EU Ecolabel and is Oeko-Tex certified.


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