Try out Gabriel wool fabrics Crisp and Breeze Fusion and explore the striking colourway updates for a fresh start to a new year. We are ready to ship and deliver.


Gabriel kicks off 2019 with a campaign offering you the opportunity to try out woollen upholstery fabrics Crisp and Breeze Fusion in new and updated colourways. With in-house production we are able to offer short lead times and fabrics on demand at competitive prices. For further information feel free to contact your local Gabriel sales team.


Breeze Fusion

Breeze Fusion is a richly textured, woollen upholstery fabric brought to life by fascinating colour blends that merge across the surface creating a vibrant, contemporary expression full of complexity and mystery. The true beauty of Breeze Fusion is to be found in the colour details, and the surprising colour combos invite you to explore the infinite shades and nuances spreading across the graphic surface. As the colours are constantly changing depending on the light and perspective, it is an endless journey.






Crisp is a tightly woven wool fabric distinguished by its vibrant surface in multiple shades. The design gently fuses pale tones and dark hues in surprising colour contrasts creating a discreet melange effect. The fabric’s slightly rugged texture enhances the richness of every nuance and brings out the unique colour details. With its balanced combination of classic wool luxury and superb functionality, Crisp is a versatile and multi-functional fabric. It adds aesthetic value to a wide variety of designs and brings a beautiful touch of colour, nature and warmth to all types of commercial and home interiors.




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