Noma blends aesthetic simplicity and classic colourways with sustainable innovation and superior flame retardancy.

Upholstery fabric Noma is distinguished by its attractive, durable and all-round two-toned melange design, its excellent fire resistance and strong environmental profile.

Made from 50% post-consumer recycled flame retardant polyester, Noma is an eco-friendly alternative to standard flame retardant polyester fabrics. It meets all common European fire safety standards, diverts waste from landfill and saves virgin materials.



Blends in anywhere

Designed specifically for the contract market, Noma is the perfect match for workspaces. With its universal design, good performance and classic colourways the fabric will, however, blend seamlessly into interiors of all kinds, and bring out the best in any furniture design.

Classic colours with a twist

With 30 colours to choose from, the Noma palette  is wide and versatile with a strong focus on classic, discreet and highly usable colourways. Inspired by nature, the colour palette includes a beautiful range of green, blue and turquoise shades as well as warm reds and earthy browns.  The primary colours are combined with a grey base to create a muted colour expression.




Look closer!

Noma’s melange look stands out in the light coloured versions of the fabric, where the interplay of colours creates textural depth and a vibrant surface. In the dark coloured fabrics the melange effect is barely visible, and it takes a closer look to unveil the colour details and elegance.

Uncompromising performance

The timeless design and classic colourways are coupled with durability, wear resistance and in-built stretch for easy upholstery. The fabric’s melange look adds aesthetic value but also serves to camouflage wear and tear prolonging the life of upholstered furniture.


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