Mica is a reinvention of the classic crêpe texture offering cross functional performance and a
contemporary twist.


Mica is a cross functional, two-toned crêpe fabric with a graphic yet discreet melange effect. The classic crêpe structure is given a contemporary twist, and with its sparkling, crisp and fresh expression Mica stands out as an exclusive, sophisticated and updated crêpe fabric.

Like a starry night

Mica’s design is inspired by a starry night sky and the fascinating endlessness of the Milky Way. There is no repeat in the fabric’s structure, and the pattern seems infinite with no direction and no boundaries.



Seating & screens

Mica is a cross functional fabric and is highly suitable not only for furniture but also for panels and screens. The fabric works equally well on vertical and horizontal surfaces and is the obvious choice for pods and other types of privacy furniture that combine seating and screen solutions in one.


Colour doubles!

The comprehensive 50 shade colour palette is predominantly bright and includes distinctive reds, blues, greens and purples as well as a collection of classy neutrals. The bright colour base is mixed with dusty grey undertones to create a distinctive light and dark contrast. Each colourway is available in two versions - one where the light colour is in the foreground, and one where the dark tone dominates.




Sustainability in two widths

Made from recycled post-consumer polyester and Oeko-Tex and EU Ecolabel certified, Mica is the sustainable choice. The fabric is available in both standard upholstery width and in screen width, has excellent stretch properties and is easy to use for upholstery of even curves and corners.


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