Made from post-consumer recycled flame retardant polyester, Chili uniquely combines sustainability with superior fire safety.

Chili is a pioneering upholstery fabric distinguished by its fusion of sustainable materials and exceptional fire resistance. Made from 75% post-consumer recycled flame retardant polyester, the fabric sets new environmental standards for fire retardant fabrics.



All-round grid design

Chili blends unicoloured and melange fibres to create a simple yet distinctive two-toned grid design. The fabric offers an all-round and highly usable look which makes it suitable for all types of furniture and a variety of interiors. Its good abrasion resistance, fine stretch properties and basic, non-directional pattern makes it easy to use for upholstery.

Superior flame retardancy

Made from post-consumer recycled flame retardant polyester, Chili offers superior flame retardancy and is designed for use in environments, where fire safety is an absolute top priority. From hotels, to hospitals and schools, Chili meets even the most stringent flammability requirements.

Natural fibre look

Contrary to standard polyester fabrics, Chili has a soft-touch finish, a voluminous feel and a matt, natural and slightly irregular look that imitates the texture of natural textile fibres. With its soft and warm feel, Chili brings a cozy, homely and welcoming atmosphere to interiors of all kinds – from office landscapes to private homes.




Floral & fruity

With 47 colours to choose from the Chili colour palette covers the entire spectrum. From a diversity of grey tones and other basic neutrals like black, beige, navy and dusty green to a multitude of fresh, floral and fruity colours. Bright and expressive pink, warm reds, turquoise, greens and blues light up the palette and offer a surge of positive energy.


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