Cross functional fabric Tonal meets the requirements for both seating and screens and is an obvious choice for pods and privacy furniture.

Tonal is a cross functional, two-coloured fabric in a playful yet harmonious melange. Distinct lines cross the surface in multiple directions and create a dynamic, lively and vibrant look. The fusion of light and dark tones adds depth and creates an almost three-dimensional effect.



Multi-purpose look

With its discreet yet distinct look, good performance and excellent strecthability, Tonal is a highly usable and cross functional design that lends itself readily to a variety of applications and interiors.

Perfect for privacy pods

The fabric works equally well for upholstery of office chairs and for screen solutions, and Tonal is an obvious choice for pods or other types of privacy furniture that combine comfortable seating with upholstered screens. In addition, the fabric comes in two different widths for upholstery and screens respectively.



Tonal colours

The fabric’s 30 shades colour palette includes a comprehensive collection of strong reds, blues, greens and greys in a multitude of shades and tones and offers a harmonious blend of cold and warm colours, of deep and bright hues.

Choose sustainable fabrics

Made from recycled post-consumer polyester and Oeko-Tex and EU Ecolabel certified, Tonal has an excellent environmental profile and is yet another addition to the constantly growing collection of sustainable Gabriel fabrics.


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