From colours to texture, Mood takes its cue from nature and lends a warm touch of the great outdoors to any decor.



Mood is an exclusive woollen upholstery fabric woven from multi-hued yarns. The blend of tone-in-tone shades creates subtle fluctuations in colour and adds depth, movement and life to the fabric surface.


Soft, rustic & warm

Mood elegantly fuses an all-natural vibe with a distinct urban note and offers a contemporary take on the classic wool texture. Soft to the touch and with a rustic, ruffled surface, Mood brings nature inside and adds comfort, warmth and a homey feel to a variety of interiors.




Nature’s palette

The 31 shades palette celebrates colours found in nature. Inspired by rocky landscapes, sandy deserts and impassable forests, Mood offers a range of burnt earth colours like orange, brown, umber and terracotta and a beautiful selection of greens and blues. The palette also includes contemporary soft rose and a variety of classic neutrals.




Go wool!

Naturally flame retardant, resilient, stretchable and eco-friendly, Mood offers all the desirable properties of wool and meets the requirements of the contract, soft contract and home furniture markets.

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