Classic wool luxury and superior performance in a lustrous fusion of light and dark tones.




Crisp is a tightly woven wool fabric distinguished by its vibrant surface in multiple shades. The design gently fuses pale tones and dark hues in surprising colour contrasts creating a subtle melangé effect. The fabric’s slightly rugged texture enhances the richness of every nuance and accentuates the unique colour details.



With its balanced combination of classic wool luxury and superb functionality, Crisp is a versatile and multi-functional fabric. It adds aesthetic value to a wide variety of designs and brings a beautiful touch of colour, nature and warmth to all types of commercial and home interiors.


Balancing light and dark

The 40 shade palette incorporates a wide base of warm, earthy neutrals as well as soft shades of rose. The neutral tones catch the eye with a discreet metal shimmer depending on the angle of the light. The soft, dusty colourways are accompanied by deep and dark hues like  midnight blue, dark purple and turquoise adding a touch of luxurious elegance.




Keeps on going!

Distinguished by its strength and superb abrasion resistance, Crisp is suitable even for intensive use in heavy duty environments. The fabric is naturally dirt resistant and retains its beautiful appearance year after year.  With its excellent stretch properties, Crisp offers complete freedom of design and is suitable for upholstery of even complex shapes and forms.


New Feature! Remember that you can download tileable Crisp fabrics here...




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