Soul and brand new Soul Melange give the classic wool felt a contemporary twist and bring it into the future.

Popular wool felt fabric Soul is relaunched in new and updated colourways and is joined by a brand new felt fabric for screens, Soul Melange – an exclusive wool and polyester blend with a beautiful and vibrant melange effect.

Exclusive wool screens

Soul and Soul Melange offer an opportunity to create distinctive screen designs in an exclusive wool quality. The felt’s thickness, density and inherent flexibility give the fabrics a structural quality which makes them highly suitable for various types of vertical surfaces, screens, panels, decorative acoustic wall modules and freestanding sound regulating elements.

High formability

Made from wool fibres, Soul and Soul Melange offer a high degree of elasticity and formability. This makes the fabrics easy to work with and suitable for organic shapes and forms as well as complex designs.

Mix ’em up!

Soul and Soul Melange stand strong one by one but can also be combined to create a vibrant interplay of colours and textures. The two fabrics offer 36 and 37 colour options respectively - a full palette of complementing colours from discrete naturals to soft pastels and intense reds, greens and blues.

How daring are you?

Together, Soul and Soul Melange invite you to mix and match solids and melange surfaces in daring colour combinations to create striking screens and panels for contemporary indoor spaces.

Let’s boost your creativity

We encourage you to visit for further inspiration and specifications on Soul and Soul Melange. Please feel free to contact us for fabric samples to help you visualise your design and boost your creative process.


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