With its playful design, clear colours and soft, bubbly texture Felicity is a true reflection of its name.

Felicity is a unicoloured, polyester fabric in a simple yet sophisticated design - and with an exceptional soft and luxurious touch. The design is characterised by flowing, organic lines that playfully explore a new and vibrant perspective on texture and structure. The thickness of the yarn gives the fabric depth and body and creates a voluminous feel.


Go sustainable

Gabriel offers the largest selection of sustainable fabrics on the market, and Felicity is no exception. Made from 100% recycled, post-consumer polyester, Felicity takes sustainability to the next level and carries not only the  EU Ecolabel, but is also Oeko-Tex and Cradle to Cradle Certified.


Colour delights

The timeless elegance of Felicity is enriched with a cheerful colour palette that exudes optimism, joy and positive energy. The colour range spans 31 colours from bright red, orange, green and blue to pastels like mint, rose and lilac - and of course a selection of classic greys.


Endless mix and match options

With matching colour schemes and intriguingly contrasting textures, Felicity is the perfect match for Repetto and Elevation. Mix and match fabrics across the three collections to explore how colours, materials and textures can combine to create new and daring designs. 


A multifunctional, performance fabric

With strong technical properties such as high durability, high abrasison resistance and excellent, inherent stretch, Felicity is a multifunctional fabric. It offers great utility value and is suitable for a wide range of applications, furniture and interiors.


Positive design for happy spaces

True to its name, Felicity is all about spreading positive vibes and creating happy and welcoming indoor spaces. With its perfect balance of functionality and luxury, Felicity is the obvious choice not only for the contract market but also for residential interiors.


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