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Gabriel offers an exclusive collection of fabrics for the health care and nursing sector. Obika Leather+, Step, and Step Melange comply with even the most stringent regulations and meet the highest standards of patient safety, hygiene, and durability. The fabrics are highly suitable for even the most demanding environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, health care centers, and care facilities.


Environment & Safety

Our production processes are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Obika Leather+, Step, and Step Melange are certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex product class IV and III respectively and are in compliance with the REACH standards. Gabriel fabrics do not contain heavy metals and have not been treated with antibacterial agents.


Aesthetics – texture, colours & design

Endless combinations – mix and match Obika Leather+, Step, and Step Melange to create an elegant interplay of colours and textures. Be inspired by the beautiful and harmonious colour palette with a multitude of different shades. Our fabrics offer excellent colour fastness and withstand exposure to light and hard wear without fading.


Strength & durability

Excellent durability & long service life – our fabrics withstand even hard wear, and colours as well as textures remain the same year after year. Flexible and easy to work with, the fabrics are highly suitable for upholstery and adapt easily to any kind of furniture design. Step and Step Melange are covered by a ten year wear guarantee. Obika Leather+ is covered by a five year wear guarantee.


Cleaning & hygiene

Cleaning-friendly and easy to maintain. Clean the fabrics easily and efficiently with a damp cloth or cleaning detergent. The fabrics can be wiped off and disinfected with Virkon S, Achtichlor Plus, Prime Source ren-93, and Ethanol (70%).


Fire safety

Gabriel fabrics are highly fire-resistant and have passed the most stringent, international fire safety tests e.g. BS EN 1021 1 &2. Cigarette & match, BS 5852 Part 1.0 & 1 Ciga- rette & match, and BS 5852 Crib 5. Gabriel only uses safe and eco-friendly flame retardants approved by Oeko-Tex.


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With a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics, Obika Leather+, Step, and Step Melange are highly suitable for the health care and nursing sector. The fabrics fuse fire safety, easy cleaning, and exceptional durability with beautiful design, appealing textures, surfaces, and colours. By doing so, Gabriel fabrics not only contribute to safe indoor environments but also create comfortable and accommodating spaces and superior patient experiences.


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