Strong technical properties, a distinctive contemporary design and a warm, relaxed feel. Multifunctional Bond has it all and adds character and style to all kinds of furniture and interiors.

Bond is a multifunctional upholstery fabric in a contemporary cross interior design, EU Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex certified and made from post consumer recycled polyester. With excellent technical properties, a natural touch and a discreet graphic design, Bond is suitable for all types of furniture and accessories as well as all kinds of environments - from domestic to commercial interiors and heavy usage contract environments.

Like bricks in a wall

The fabric design is inspired by masonry and by the distinctive bond patterns in brickwork. Like endless layers of bricks in a wall, Bond is characterised by a repetitive grid pattern and a graphic melange look. The expression is strong and robust, yet organic and rhythmic at the same time.

Rethink work spaces

A growing trend in office design is to create work spaces that feel and look like cozy home environments.  Furniture, colours, materials and textures inspired by residential design are introduced to reinvent the traditional office and create informal, welcoming and casual work spaces. With a texture and look that resemble flax fibres, Bond offers a natural, organic expression and brings a warm and relaxed feel that fits right into this trend.

Inspired by minerals and stones

Blues and greens are major colour trends and are of course included in the Bond palette. Colours are inspired by stones and minerals, and the palette offers an interesting contrast between bold, striking colours and a selection of muted, lighter shades. From bright red, yellow, turquoise and green to deep emerald, dusky blue, and mineral greys, the colour scheme includes 29 colour options to suit any taste and interior.

Strength, durability and flexibility

Bond offers excellent technical properties and is able to meet even the most stringent industry requirements. With an abrasion resistance of 100,000 Martindale, Bond is an extremely durable and hard-wearing fabric and a perfect match for heavy use environments. Moreover, Bond has a flexible structure with an excellent inherent stretch. This means that it adapts itself easily to fit even complex furniture designs and is suitable for the most challenging shapes and forms.   

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