With a soft, organic look combined with supreme fire retardant performance, Rhythm is one of a kind and stands out significantly from other 3D and self-supporting mesh fabrics. 

Rhythm is a unique, self-supporting mesh fabric made of 100% polyester. The design is almost kaleidoscopic with a rhythmic pattern that expands before your eyes in endless reflections. The texture is three-dimensional with a surprising visual depth – like myriads of dancing notes in an organic, vivacious composition.

Poetic colours

Rhythm comes in a range of almost poetic colours that reflect its soft and organic design, including dusty petrol, delicate green and autumn orange. The colour palette also encompasses a variety of graphic colours including classic white and black as well as stylish grey tones – from light ash to dark slate.

Supreme fire retardant performance

By combining standard polyester with fire retardant polyester, Rhythm is able to offer supreme, built-in fire retardant properties. As the only self-supporting mesh fabric on the market, Rhythm is at the forefront of the developments within fire safety regulations and is able to meet even the strictest requirements. Rhythm also has a strong environmental profile and carries the Oeko-Tex label.

Create remarkable design effects

Rhythm is a strong, self-supporting fabric highly suitable as the bearing component for chair backs, where exceptional fire retardant performance and leading-edge design are absolute requirements. Rhythm can, however, also be used for upholstery to create daring, visual effects that break with conventional thinking and grapple with traditions in furniture design.


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