Gabriel Holding’s latest quarterly report reveals, that the Group has significantly improved the bottom line and continues to show positive growth three quarters into the fiscal year. The Group is headed for a record-breaking financial report and strengthens its group management as part of an ambitious globalisation plan.

For a number of years, Gabriel - Europe’s leading supplier of  fabrics for the furniture industry – has reported significant growth in revenue, and the third quarter results that have just been released show, that Gabriel is experiencing momentous global growth.

Gabriel shows positive growth in all geographic markets and across all areas of business, and the Group expects to report a full-year revenue of approximately DKK 385 m - equalling a revenue growth of 15 %. ”In terms of revenue, Gabriel has never been bigger, and our foothold in global markets has never been stronger than it is today”, says CEO Anders Hedegaard Petersen.

New, strong organisation in place
To ensure global growth and expansion in the future, Gabriel is stregthening its group management team. Business Manager for DesignMaster at Gabriel, Inger Mosholt Nielsen, and Business Manager for QEP Kurt Nedergaard will take up new posts as Creative Director and Director of CSR and Quality respectively.

”Leading players in the furniture industry all over the world choose Gabriel as their preferred supplier because of our exceptional approach to design, CSR, quality and environmental issues. It is therefore a natural step for us to put an even stronger focus on these key parameters with a new organisational structure”, underlines Anders Hedegaard Petersen.

Widely recognised in the industry
The newly appointed directors have both worked at Gabriel for a number of years and are widely recognised in the industry. ”Inger and Kurt have gathered more than 35 years of experience at Gabriel, and they are both highly respected and acknowledged in the industry for their great expertise”, says Anders Hedegaard Petersen.



Inger Mosholt Nielsen

For the past four years, working closely with the development department, Inger Mosholt Nielsen has redefined what we are to expect of contemporary furniture fabrics and launched no less than 35 new fabrics which has contributed significantly to the company’s growth.


Kurt_Nedergaard.jpg (1)

Kurt Nedergaard

Kurt Nedergaard has led an important transformation of Gabriel’s CSR and environmental effort and ensured the company international acclaim.

The group management now includes the executive team that consists of CEO Anders Hedegaard Petersen, CCO Claus Møller and CFO Claus Toftegaard as well as the new business segment directors, Creative Director Inger Mosholt Nielsen and Director of CSR and Quality Kurt Nedergaard.

For further information
For further information on Gabriel’s third quarter results and the company’s new organisational structure, please contact CEO Anders Hedegaard Petersen by phone +45 9630 3100.





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