An appealing mix of old and new. Of modern and traditional. Vintage and contemporary. Capture fuses the elegant, heritage look of tweed with unexpected colours and a modern feel.

Capture is a lightly felted and multi-coloured wool fabric in a casual yet sophisticated tweed look. It fuses light and dark colours to a refined melange pattern creating a lively and beautifully rugged surface that never ceases to change under your gaze.

Heritage with a contemporary twist

With clear references to classic tweed fabrics, Capture exudes luxury and sophistication offering the soft, comfortable and handcrafted charm of tweed and wool in an up-to-date look and in new, surprising colours. It is heritage - with a unique and contemporary twist.

From charcoal to powdery pink

Capture is available in a versatile selection of colours, and the remarkable colour palette transports the classic wool fabric from the past into the present. It takes you from timeless variations of grey – ash, charcoal and slate - to soft and dusty shades of green, powdery pink and delicate lavender. It encompasses clear blue, red and orange as well as natural and warm hues like brown and beige. Each colour creates its own individual aesthetics, and the contrasting nuances in the melange structure adds richness and depth to the fabric design.

Woolen wonders

The unique qualities of wool are naturally ingrained in Capture. Strong and resilient, Capture will maintain its appearance year after year regardless of wear and tear and prolong the life of all types of furniture. Capture is naturally dirt-repellent, easily cleaned and maintained, and the melange pattern helps conceal stains, dirt and the effects of use keeping furniture looking new for years.

A flexible and multi-functional fabric

Capture is a multi-functional upholstery fabric suitable for a variety of applications. The fabric - its structure and diverse colour palette - complements a variety of materials like wood and metal and brings out the best in any design and interior. In addition, Capture is supple and flexible with an excellent inherent stretch, and the fabric adapts itself easily to fit even the most challenging shapes, forms and designs. Capture is the ideal choice not only for home and lounge furniture but also for office furniture adding a warm, cozy and homey feel to formal work environments.

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