A perfect fusion of form and function merging style, comfort, and sustainability, Web is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze and possesses unique, eco-friendly properties that provide you with the freedom to design – with confidence and a green conscience.

Web is a strong, self-supporting, and functional mesh fabric with yarns crossing each other in endless intersections. Open spaces between the yarns create a transparent effect and the fabric’s translucency lends a lightness and airiness to the appeal of the design.

A lustrous landscape

Web is designed with threads of varying thickness to create a relief effect. This design feature gives life to a landscape of evenly spaced ridges and valleys and offers a soft and voluminous feel that provides a high level of comfort. The surface reflects the light and creates a slight sparkling effect with myriads of tiny gleams.

Natural calm Nordic colours

The natural Nordic colour scheme is centred around tones of calm, muted grey, white, and cream with elegant black as a powerful contrast. Choose between six unicoloured and three two-coloured designs. Combining yarns of different colours gives the fabric a distinct and unique surface appearance like a broken checked pattern with an enticing contrast and depth.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze

Web is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze and complies with some of the most rigorous standards relating to life cycle sustainability, environmental protection, health, and safety. The dye used in the colouring process has been carefully selected to avoid harmful substances, and Web is woven from 74% recycled post-consumer polyester. Recycled polyester is made from post-consumer plastic items that have been discarded, sorted, separated, and finally reused as new raw material.

Ideal for chair backs and screens

Web has a superior load-bearing capacity that makes it ideal for chair backs, seats, or for light, airy, and semi-transparent screens. With its discreet simplicity, Web will merge with the design of the furniture and strengthen its expression.

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