The spacer fabric Omega strives to spark innovation and unconventional thinking – and invites you to stretch the boundaries of your design solutions.

Omega is a strong and functional spacer fabric with a characteristic open and three-dimensional, mesh structure. The fabric consists of a black base, and an interconnecting layer topped with a coloured, knitted grid. The contrast between the black base and the coloured grid creates a visual aesthetic resembling the rounded hexagons of honeycomb cells.

Inspired by Bauhaus art and design

Omega’s grid pattern and its contrasting colours are inspired by the geometric shapes and lines of Bauhaus art. The Bauhaus school, one of the most influential currents in modern design, sought to unite art and industrial design - creativity and functionality. Minimalist in its style, it favoured simple geometric forms

Let the colours do the talking

The versatile colour scheme includes bright and clear primary colours as well as cool graphic nuances. From elegant tones of grey and beige to contemporary douche shades such as lavender and petrol blue, each colour has its own story to tell. 

Oeko-Tex certified

With its multi-layered construction Omega offers a valuable set of properties including optimal breathability, for moisture and heat regulation. The soft and supple fabric enhances comfort and lends support to shape. Designed with a focus on health and sustainability, Omega is of course Oeko-Tex certified and 100 % recyclable. 

Freedom of design

Omega is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries providing an almost limitless variety of design options. It is ideal not only as a self-supporting fabric for chairs, sofas, and for panels but also for upholstery.  Stretch the boundaries of your furniture design and develop new and unconventional solutions by using Omega as a classic upholstery fabric.

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