Fabrics matter
In the growing market for acoustical solutions it has become increasingly important to choose the right materials and constructions for screens and wall panels – and to document acoustical value. Acoustic fabrics significantly influence the acoustical properties of screens and wall panels, and are thus an important factor in the overall design and when making a competitive product.

Create acoustically superior screens and panels
Gabriel’s high-performance acoustic fabrics are documented according to EN29053 and ISO 354 and will in combination with our range of application services undoubtedly add value to your products. Our extensive selection of high performance acoustic fabrics covers a large range of applications and is used for screens and wall panels in offices, residential buildings, enter-tainment facilities and the healthcare sector. Some of our services include acoustical simulation of designs, tests of physical products and even production of components and final products.



Experience acoustic fabrics in action
To learn more about our acoustic products and services, please visit our stand no. A25:11 at Stockholm Furniture Fair from 9 – 13 February 2016. Here you can experience our acoustic fabrics in action! We look forward to meeting you there.











































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