Combining a true-to-nature leather look, a soft touch and high performance properties, Obika Leather+ is suitable for an almost limitless range of applications, no matter what the shape and form – and regardless of wear and tear.

Obika Leather+ is an artificial leather fabric with a refined structure that perfectly imitates the exclusive look, soft feel, and texture of genuine leather. It combines a classic leather look with technical innovation and high performance. Obika Leather+ is manufactured with minimum environmental impact.

Oeko-Tex certified

Sustainability, consumer safety, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes are top priorities at Gabriel. Like more than 90% of our fabrics, Obika Leather+ has been tested and approved in accordance with the Oeko-Tex standard. An Oeko-Tex certification is a seal of approval and your guarantee that Obika Leather+ does not contain harmful substances such as PVCs, heavy metals and phthalates.

Superior strength and durability

Obika Leather+ is developed to withstand even the most demanding environments and offers superior strength and durability. It is hard-wearing, fluid-resistant, fire retardant and easily cleaned. These properties make Obika Leather+ the ideal choice for a versatile range of both commercial and residential applications, including medical environments, schools and other public buildings. Obika Leather+ has the flexible and stretchy feel of real leather and is easy to use for upholstering.

From timeless black to courageous red

Obika Leather+ is available in a variety of colours that allows you to experiment and create stunning new designs and products. The colour range spans classic leather shades such as warm autumn brown, beige, cognac, as well as timeless black and white. It also includes a courageous red, various shades of blue from dark navy to the lightest pastels and graphic greys, lavender, and olive green.

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