As part of our targeted global strategy, Gabriel is expanding by setting up new sales offices in Europe and our other markets. The new sales office in Stockholm is a natural progression in Gabriel’s globalisation work as Sweden is one of our major markets.  

This sales office will give our customers a closer relationship with Gabriel. The aim is to create unique opportunities for sales, product development, innovation and company development.

The sales office in Stockholm puts us in a great position to organise exciting product presentations and workshops. It will also improve our collaboration with our customers in the development of new fabrics and fabric solutions. The new sales office in Stockholm will become a natural place for people in the furniture business to come for creative and exciting meetings.

Having a sales office with its own customer service department is a natural part of our strategy to be close to our customers and to work with them. By investing more in Sweden, Gabriel will have a stronger organisation and position in the market as the market-leading supplier of fabrics and services to the furniture industry.

A strong team at Gabriel Sweden AB

We have appointed Esa Airas as the Managing Director of the new company Gabriel Sweden AB. For the past ten years Esa Airas has been the Managing Director of Création Baumann in Sweden.
Gabriel Sweden AB’s current employees are:


Esa Airas

Managing Director
Gabriel Sweden AB, Sweden

Mobile: +46 707 349 900



Jari Nikula

Key Account Manager
Finland, Sweden

Mobile: +46 706 357 151



Helena Olofsdotter

Field Sales Manager

Mobile: +46 709 757 165


Job vacancies at Gabriel Sweden AB

We are currently recruiting for:

  • Customer Service: Sales Support
  • Sales: Key Account Manager / Field Sales Manager

The new sales office is in a perfect location in the centre of Stockholm, in the Design District on Rosenlundsgatan 40 in the Monopolet building. The move will take place gradually during the autumn. We will release more information soon.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this new organisation, please contact the Managing Director Esa Airas.


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