Step and Step Melange seduces with their newly developed colours which stimulate the senses and the creative ability to form new and different ideas. The wide palette of colours has been updated to satisfy any requirements from the public and private interior decoration scenes.

STEP – global colour scale

The 57 updated colours derive from all cultures and have been amalgamated into a global colour scale inviting to play and new combinations. The wide palette of colours sends strong signals of wellbeing, energy and optimism. The clear blue, green, red and yellow colours have been developed to support the darker and neutral nuances.

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Step Melange – a new harmonious colour palette

Step Melange’s colour palette gives the impression of being a mix of nature’s own clear nuances mixed with minerals from the interior of the earth like sulphur, chromium and iron. The many elements which contribute to designing each of the 54 colours give Step Melange a pixelated tinge and thus make the fabric ideal for composing a stylish and intimate decor – in the private as well as the public sector.

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