With Xpress, nature seems to seep into the decor, inviting your eyes to explore it for known structures, discreet nuances and new details. A world of peace and harmony spreads when Xpress is integrated as partition facing and in bed environments in public and private interior designs.

Play of colours and details

With its contemporary appearance suggesting natural fibres, Xpress is suitable for a wide range of uses. Xpress is a light polyester fabric intended for upholstering of wall-hung and freestanding panels, for soundproofing wall partitions and for headboards and frames for beds in the public and private sectors. Places where aesthetics, quality and respect for the environment have priority.

Delicate multi-coloured matt surface

With its multi-coloured structure and delicate matt surface, Xpress resembles linen or ramie.  And with a 22-nuance colour palette ranging from clear signal colours like red, yellow, green and orange to beige, greyish brown and black nuances, Xpress is ideal for discreet, minimalistic and colourful expressive decors. 

Xpress with special properties

Due to its lamination, Xpress can be combined with other materials to obtain specific upholstering and usage properties such as volume, softness or adhesiveness. This makes Xpress extremely useful, especially in the bed industry and for wall partitions.

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