With inspiration from nature’s own patterns and textures, three yarns interweave, forming a mesh of colours, movement and depth.

With its stunning colour palette, CrissCross achieves a depth which almost creates a three-dimensional effect and leaves an impression of a textile woven in several layers – an effect which makes CrissCross look different according to whether it’s viewed from close by or at a distance.

A soft and wavy structure

One element in the history behind CrissCross was the wish to create a textile which, with its repetitive pattern, brings the wool’s wavy structure, quality and softness to full expression. With this texture, Gabriel has created a design with movement and innumerable possibilities for new combinations and unique interplay with unicoloured materials and other textiles.

A wealth of colours and moods

CrissCross’s colour palette offers 23 colours from the delicate sand to the peaceful blue to the saturated bordeaux – a palette of both surprising and classic colours that complement both private and business furniture.

Wool’s properties give CrissCross a soft grip, a pleasant sitting comfort and good upholstering qualities. And as a bonus, CrissCross is Oeko-Tex certified and carries the EU Ecolabel.


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