Gabriel has established itself in recent years as an important partner for the European furniture industry, and it is seen as a natural step in this development to expand our presence and proximity to our customers.

The opening of the sales office will support our relations with the above industry and is yet another initiative in the creation of innovation and value-creating partnerships focused on the development of business opportunities and activities.

"We’re already known for our long-term customer relations focused on the sharing of knowledge and product development, and we want to strengthen these relations by addressing the market with a centrally located sales office. Customers will experience a service in tune with the market, with a range of associated targeted activities" says Claus Møller, Gabriel’s Chief Commercial Officer.  

Unique opportunity for closer relations with customers
With a local sales office in Germany, we have a fantastic opportunity, together with our customers, to arrange, for example, sales campaigns and workshops. The facilities will also allow us to hold functions, including Academy sessions for the sector’s partners. All in all, we see it as a unique way to contribute to the strength of our partners’ value chains, says Geschäftsführer Gabriel GmbH Germany Ole Fomsgaard.


Opening _Bingen


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