Gaja is developed in four varieties which, with their special qualities, are targeted towards specific needs. Although in terms of design, the four versions are identical, they each have their unique colour range and functional qualities. The Gaja Family therefore always has a variation to suit every area of use and need.

 We have made a special video for each member of the family Watch the movie.


Gaja Classic - new dynamic colours 

Gaja 3 has changed its name to Gaja Classic and is the classic which forms the basis for the entire Gaja Family. Gaja Classic has gone through yet another technological development, resulting in an improved finishing treatment to give a particularly soft and exquisite upholstery fabric which is a pleasure both to sit on and to work with.

Learn more about Gaja Classic and watch the movie.



Gaja+ - suitable for use 24 hours a day! 

Gaja+ is the high abrasion resistance version of the Gaja Family, where there is special focus on ensuring extra high abrasion resistance, and therefore greater and better durability. The material is making Gaja+ particularly suitable for areas where the item is in use 24 hours a day.

Learn more about Gaja+ and watch the movie.



Gaja C2C - new way of thinking about sustainability

 Gaja C2C is a very special and unique furniture textile, and it is with pride that we are launching Gaja C2C, the first European pure new wool upholstery fabric to gain Cradle to Cradle certificationCM.

 Learn more about Gaja C2C and watch the movie.



Gaja Antistatic - for areas with sensitive measuring equipment

Gaja Antistatic is made of 94% New Zealand wool, 4% polyamide and 2% steel fibre, ensuring unique antistatic properties as the wool’s natural high conductivity and the added steel fibres ensure abrasion resistance and outstanding antistatic properties.

Learn more about Gaja Antistatic and watch the movie.


Choose environment-friendly textiles!

The Gaja Family carries both the EU ECOlabel and Oeko-Tex 100 labels, giving you a valuable guarantee of health and sustainability.

Learn more about the health and environment labels.


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