Textile designer Cenk Kivrikoglu introduces three strong new items in modern upholstery textiles from Gabriel’s Soft Seating collection. Please welcome Moment, Infinity and Grace – upholstery textiles with intimacy, depth and elegance.

Gabriel’s Soft Seating collection consists of modern upholstery textiles addressed to both soft and tight-fitting upholstery in the modern interior. Tomorrow’s structures, colours and surfaces are expressed in the elegant designs, where the aesthetic edge and comfort go hand in hand.

The three new textiles were designed by Cenk Kivrikoglu, a textile designer living in Brussels, from where he has been making his mark for a number of years on Gabriel’s Home and Soft Seating collection. With his passion for colour and material combinations, Cenk has agreed to give us a glimpse at some of the thoughts underlying Gabriel’s latest three Soft Seating textile designs.

“The three textiles Moment, Infinity and Grace all have a soft comfortable and elegant appearance with a touch of classic values. After extensive research, we have given the fabrics a unique softness and a natural appearance as well as exclusive quality and impressive durability. Gabriel’s new upholstery textiles have a unique, modern and accommodating identity, where history and innovation are combined in progressive designs.”



“Moment is a fantastically soft and inviting two-tone upholstery textile. The combination of materials, design and colours adds depth and life to the fabric.

The strong mix of nuanced colour tones creates an attractive palette of light, vibrating colours with an elegant balanced graphical contrast between light and dark. The soft touch and discreetly patterned appearance and the high quality make this a comfortable and attractive textile suitable for upholstering modern furniture within a range of categories of Soft Seating, including contract furniture.”

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“Elegance, naturalness and classic aesthetics characterise the Infinity design, which was created in a mix of thread structures and reflective effects which give the textile lightness and body, topicality and history.

We have created, via progressive creativity and aesthetic functionality, a velvety textile with a light and modern look. We have rethought the use of chenille yarn to create modern structures and inviting surfaces that suit modern furniture. With its unique mix of yarns in harmonic colour combinations, Infinity stands out as a living, detail-rich structure with an attractive colour play.”

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“Grace’s graphical and taut structure was inspired by architecture, and represents a classic, modern and historically simple approach to upholstery textiles. With references to the light, the colours, nature and Scandinavian design idiom, Grace is a classic modern expression with a twist of the current retro-look.

I have added a discreet melange effect to the minimalistic and simple graphical expression to give the textile a hint of nature’s atmosphere, rhythm and movement – an experience and irregularity in the taut regularity. The fabric is experienced like the weave in a classic strong cotton structure and it thereby distinguishes itself from Moment and Infinity.

The textile’s nuanced colours are based on nature’s rich palette of cold and warm graphic colours. Grace is characterised by its perfect balance between the familiar and the new – the natural and the invented – the basic and the refined.”

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