After several years of development work, Gabriel A/S is now ready to launch an environmentally friendly alternative to the PU foam widely used in furniture and mattresses around the world. The new padding material is exceptionally user-friendly, 100 per cent recyclable, and resistant to bacteria.

Gabriel A/S, one of Europe's leading suppliers of furniture textiles, with headquarters in the city of Aalborg in  Denmark, has today made public the results of several years of developmental work with the padding material ZenXit that builds on a patented product. This new, sustainable material is a innovative alternative to traditional fillers such as PU foam (polyurethane), which is widely used in upholstered furniture and mattresses. ZenXit can be 100 per cent recycled. In this way, ZenXit lives up to Gabriel's sustainability criteria as it can be re-used in the production of new ZenXit, without its properties being impaired in any way during the recycling process.

"ZenXit is a very significant product launch for Gabriel. Since the establishment of InnovationMaster in 2006 we have worked intensely to find sustainable solutions to industry challenges - including the use of PU foam. After several years of development we now possess global rights to a product that sets a completely new standard in the industry. We have tested it in cooperation with several of our major customers in the furniture industry across the world, and the feedback has been very positive", says Anders Hedegaard Petersen, CEO of Gabriel A/S.

ZenXit can be used as filling in various types of furniture and mattresses. It consists of highly elastic and flexible fibers that are injection molded on a resilient three-dimensional net structure. The molding can be varied in density and thickness, allowing the material to take on different properties depending on whether it is to be used in e.g. office chairs, soft upholstered furniture, or mattresses. The material is highly breathable, lightweight, water-repelling, bacteria-resistant and washable, yet at the same time it is dimensionally stable and supports the body in a comfortable and desirable way.

Because of ZenXit’s unique properties, pressure relief for the body is more evenly distributed in lying and sitting furniture, which greatly reduces the risk of bed sores and similar problems.  Studies conducted for Gabriel also show an improved blood circulation in the legs of people sitting in chairs fitted with ZenXit, which increases the user's general well-being and counteracts the severe consequences of remaining in the same sitting position for long periods of time. This makes ZenXit particularly suitable for use in such items as office chairs, trains and aircraft. Furthermore, hospitals and nursing homes will be able to clean and wash ZenXit mattresses, which can reduce problems of bacteria, dust mites and fungi in patient beds.

Although the development of ZenXit has mainly been based on the wish to solve an environmental problem, the material has shown to possess many other qualities, placing it in an entirely new product category not directly comparable with PU foam. Because ZenXit can be recycled again and again without losing its properties, the launch of this new material is completely in line with Gabriel's ambition to be one of Europe's most eco-friendly textile manufacturers. Last year Gabriel became the first company in Denmark to be given C2C certification by the organization Cradle to Cradle in Denmark. Read more here

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About Gabriel A/S

Gabriel is one of Europe's leading suppliers of furniture textiles. The company’s headquarters are located in Aalborg, Denmark, where the company develops textiles for furniture manufacturers throughout the world. In FY 10/11 Gabriel achieved revenues of DKK 242.6 million (up 10% compared with 09/10) and an export share of 91% (the same as 09/10).Gabriel textiles are used in three major business areas: Contract (offices, conference facilities, hospitals, etc.), Homes (chairs and upholstered furniture) and Transport (trains, planes, ships, etc.). In addition to a broad standard collection of 3,000 different textile units, Gabriel designs and develops individualized textile concepts in partnership with customers. The company has worked actively with quality optimization and environmental improvements for many years and eco-labeled textiles currently account for the majority of Gabriel's turnover.

In 1991, Gabriel became the world's first upholstery fabric manufacturer to be quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Since then the company has become environmentally certified under DS/EN ISO 14001 and the EU Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). In 2010, two out of three Gabriel fabrics were labeled with the Oeko-Tex tag. In 2010 Gabriel became the first Danish company to gain C2C (Cradle to Cradle) certification.


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