Breeze Fusion is a new colourful and striking member of the Breeze & Leaf family. Breeze Fusion offers a palette of multicoloured woollen textiles in current and harmoniously balanced colours.

Breeze Fusion introduces a palette of colours, each of which contains multiple colours from the related unicolour designs Breeze and Leaf. The refined colour play brings life to the upholstered surface and invites creative play with combinations of both colours and materials.

The new design is based on the distinctive, straightforward yet vibrant structure which was fi rst introduced with the upholstery textiles Breeze and Leaf. With easily matched structures and colours, these three designs offer a unique possibility for upholstering and furnishing with harmonious combinations of both unicoloured and multicoloured surfaces and straightforward and patterned structures.

Refined and joyful play with colour combinations

The colour palette, which offers 26 shades, covers the spectrum from deep saturated colours to pale fresh tones, from brightly coloured combinations to beige and grey nuances. This broad palette of colours together with a straightforward and classic structure makes Breeze Fusion usable in both public and private spaces. This easy-to-upholster textile will suit numerous furniture types and shapes.

A woollen fabric with a strong composition

In an elegant merger between structure and colours, between classic design and sparkling colour play, Breeze Fusion is an upholstery textile which also includes the strong properties of wool with respect to natural lustre, attractive aging, high wearability and a strong environmental profile.

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