The design matches a number of current trends and styles, while the textile’s discreet expression helps to emphasise both simple and complex furniture designs. The design was developed for upholstering furniture and partitions in the modern office, where surfaces upholstered with Harlequin will have a sober, simple and light expression.

Harlequin is a 3D webbed textile which can be used as both a self-supporting surface and a classic upholstery textile. Together with the textile’s 3D structure, the finely perforated surface facilitates an ideal moisture and temperature regulation which supports an optimal sitting comfort.

With its almost closed webbed structure, Harlequin’s appearance distinguishes itself from traditional webbed textiles and takes on the appearance of a classic upholstery textile. This quality signals a new direction within load-bearing textiles, where techno-look and transparency are toned down, and classic upholstery values such as warmth and comfort stand out. For example, if Harlequin is used as a self-supporting textile on chair backs, the textile’s closed webbed and 3D structure eliminates the difference between a traditional webbed textile and full upholstery.

Harlequin’s colour range was inspired by the palette which the artist Mondrian was known to use, where primary colours and neutrals were of critical importance. The powerful primary colours have been given a twist so that they appear strong and contemporary. The neutrals, the pure graphic and soft nuances, contain both warm and cold tones which can enter into mutual combinations or be combined with primary colours. Use of the colours as moderators or strong signallers supports numerous different interior designs as well as the personal choice.

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