With a refined, light and multi-transparent appearance, String is an obvious choice for the furniture which is intended to signal openness, strength, lightness, spirit and modernity. The design was conceived primarily for use as a self-supporting woven fabric in chair backs and as a semi-transparent membrane in free-standing screens. With its origin in a simple and classic idiom, String was created with a tight graphical and architectonic webbed structure which easily finds a niche in the majority of design concepts, whatever the current trends. In all its simplicity, String will assume the colour – and support and fit naturally – into whatever context in which the design is used.

String’s colour range also has its origin in a classic universe based on the simple graphic grey scale supplemented by a few colours for accent. The grey scale supports the safe and classic choice and the experience of the greatest possible transparency. The accent colours permit playing with expressive combinations, the simple unique addition where, in a major design, selected furniture stands out, or enters into the strongly personal interior where the colour of the webbing is free to set the interior’s entire tone.

The webbing’s strength allows String to be used in a self-supporting context in furniture backs. This can be as a single-layer transparent membrane, a multi-layer upholstery in combination with other textiles, or a technical load-bearing web which permits light full upholstering or cushion solutions.

With String’s simple and uncomplicated structure and colour range, the design is easy to combine with the market’s usual upholstery textiles irrespective of whether these are based on nature or are “man-made” fibres. String also harmonises attractively with other furniture surfaces such as steel, plastic and wood.

Used as screening, String forms an attractive, light and airy universe, both when the design is used alone, and in combination with other web textiles such as space-creating, room-dividing and screen walls.

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