Omega’s characteristic 3D webbed structure is well known from the world of sport, where the structure’s physical and aesthetic qualities are used in a wealth of contexts. The open structure and three-dimensional construction support optimal moisture and heat regulation, while the 3D construction’s body and strength make it soft and comfortable for the user.

These values are maintained in the upholstery textile Omega, which was also developed specifically for use as a load-bearing fabric in chair backs, where there is particular emphasis on strength and stability.

Omega has a modern and sporty look which is expressed in its 3D construction and the relatively open webbed design, which provides space to play with colour effects. The textile’s bottom/reverse will always look black while the face’s webbed structure varies in colour, creating an attractive and harmonic interplay with the black contrast colour.

Omega’s palette was inspired by Bauhaus and Mondrian, where black/white scales and light/dark contrasts compared with the primary colours’ character form the basis for strong colour schemes. Omega’s colour range is characterised by the top layer’s colours, which are toned with black, so that the textile appears as a refined whole with a soft contrast between the layers. The colour range consists of both classic and contemporary colours with cool and warm graphic nuances.

The design thus matches a number of styles, where only the choice of colours makes a pronounced difference. At the same time, Omega is suitable as both a self-supporting and a classic upholstery textile for chairs and sofas, and for partitions.

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