Medley is a beautiful straightforward design using a melange yarn which makes all the colours appear multi-toned.

Together with the weave texture, the melange effect creates a rich surface with considerable depth. As a multi-coloured textile without a pattern but with an active textural surface, Medley matches the current trend. The textile was developed for use on seating as well as furniture screens for both the contract and residential markets.

Medley is woven in 100% polyester in an informal weave texture. It is non-directional, making it easy to upholster on most furniture and screens. The fabric can be recycled at the end of its service life.



The colour palette features 21 colours, including neutrals in warm and cool nuances, classic colours and burnt colours inspired by the 70s. The palette can be organised in many different combinations and covers the needs of both the contract and residential markets.

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