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Two elegant new screen textiles woven in the non-flammable yarn Trevira CS, closely related to Gabriel’s highly popular furniture textiles Step and Step Melange.

The new fabrics were developed as screen wall partners to Step and Step Melange. Twist and Twist Melange are woven with the same characteristic beautiful and straightforward structure, but with a lower weight and greater width – perfect for most vertical surfaces. Twist and Twist Melange have the stretch and elasticity appropriate for upholstery-friendly textiles.

Twist and Twist Melange can be used as two independent textiles or in interplay with each other. Twist has a calm plain-coloured surface, while Twist Melange, with its mixed structure, has depth and life. Each colour in Twist has a partner in Twist Melange which is always darker and more subdued. They can be combined in individual designs in innumerable ways.



Matching colour scale with Step & Step Melange

The colour palette has 35 colours: 18 plain-coloured tones and 17 mixed colours. The palette extends from the classic grey tones through warm neutrals to retro-inspired tones such as rust red and dust blue. Many of the colours from the Step and Step Melange palette are reproduced in the Twist and Twist Melange palette, making it easy to use these designs in interplay with each other in the same office arrangement.

Twist and Twist Melange are made in Trevira CS, and they are therefore highly suitable for use in offices and public areas where requirements regarding fire and safety are extremely high. The textiles fulfil all the international requirements specified for screen textiles and vertical surfaces. Trevira CS is 100% polyester which can be recycled at the end of its service life. Twist and Twist Melange are Oeko-Tex certified, and thus healthy textiles.

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