The new palette consists of 60 futuristic and dynamic colours – more elegant and vibrant than ever - inspired by the play of contrasting bitter-sweet and frozen natural colours.

The new scale has a dynamic expression incorporating hints of green, yellow, orange and red. Brown, copper and rust tones make a strong visual impact in combination with fresh and luminous pastels. Refreshing blue shades are chosen for their fluidity, and they float across the material in waves ranging from grey-blue to aqua into deep indigo.


Soft, strong & stretchable

Fame is a unique woollen upholstery fabric with a wearability of 200,000 Martindale, but which is nevertheless extra soft and stretchable.

The fabric is silky smooth thanks to its exclusive fine woollen worsted – a finer wool than is generally seen on the contract market, but assured of outstanding durability via new yarn structures and spinning methods

Fame possesses unique upholstering properties. The fabric stretches 9.5% in both directions. Perfect upholstering is therefore easier with Fame, even on furniture with round and organic forms.

New expressions emerge by ­combining wool and mesh fabrics

Contemporary Fame colours are made to match our mesh fabrics Runner and Omega to express a fusion between minimalistic Fame textures and the playful look of our beautiful mesh solutions

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