Unique product knowledge, market acumen and 161 years of experience are put to use every day in Gabriel’s special DesignMaster unit, which is responsible for both the development of new products and the provision of advice and innovation to external customers.

DesignMaster, an independent business unit in Gabriel, utilises the expertise provided by an interdisciplinary specialist team of designers and engineers whose services are targeted towards both Gabriel’s own departments and directly to external customers. Inger Mosholt Nielsen, DesignMaster’s Business Manager, explains:

"We provide a consultancy service and perform product development based on wishes, needs and behaviour in close collaboration with our customers."

DesignMaster’s unique insight into the market’s wishes, needs and trends is used to benefit both external customers and Gabriel’s own product development.

Many roads lead to new textiles

Gabriel’s product portfolio is currently undergoing a strong expansion: Gabriel invested 3% of its revenue in new products in 2010/11. This expansion in the company’s range derives from a number of considerations and input into the innovation processes:

"Gabriel’s product development proceeds both in partnership with customers and on the basis of our focus on trends, from where we develop new products which extend our product range, but which also ensure that we can supply the goods the market will demand in the future. A range of sources of inspiration means that we have the full palette, and that we remain dynamic in our design," explains Inger Mosholt Nielsen.

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Eight new textiles and solutions

This year alone, our goal is to launch eight new textiles and solutions covering a range of functionalities and markets. Here’s a preview of six of these exceptional new textiles:



Leaf and Breeze – elegant new woollen textiles

Leaf has an elegant leaf pattern, but the material can still be cut in any direction regardless of the actual pattern. Leaf is available in 18 classic colours. Breeze is a thoroughly modern design with a soft and luxurious structure and a range of 30 natural colours.

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Step and Step Melange – the new “Iron Man” of polyester

Two independent but closely related designs. Step is unicoloured and Step Melange is mottled, but the colour ranges are matched so they can be used together, and all mottled colours have a unicoloured “partner”, thus inviting experimentation with combinations.

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Moment and Infinity – new standards in soft seating

Moment is a soft and cosy textile woven in yarn of two colours, thus giving a lightly mottled and refined structure in an elegant range of 26 colours. Infinity is a soft chenille fabric with a light and modern expression. The fabric is simple and hard-wearing and is available in 18 modern colours with a discreet melange effect.

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