Innovation and value-creating partnerships are the core of our philosophy here at Gabriel, where innovation is synonymous with new thinking throughout the value chain – from concept to successful product or service. Innovation is incorporated in all procedures, and not just in product development.

Innovation is a lot more than sending new products on to the market – it’s new thinking in all processes from start to finish. We intend to create new products and services which constantly challenge and move the opportunities in the sector to allow you the customer to make ever-greater demands.

New ideas in our product development programme must represent exceptional aesthetic and functional value for the everyday users of furniture.

"We’re constantly proactive in our approach to new trends, but we also help to create them ourselves. At the same time, we’re constantly developing and optimising our existing products and processes in our extensive programme. High quality standards, innovation and trends are incorporated throughout Gabriel’s value chain," explains Chief Commercial Officer Claus Møller.

With the numerous new textiles, colour updates and more than 20 new solutions created in recent years via our other business units such as FurnMaster, SampleMaster and Gabriel China, we are seeking to set the standard in the market and enhance our position as the preferred development partner among the biggest international market leaders in the production of commercial furniture.

"We supply the world’s biggest furniture manufacturers and we offer a wide range of textiles and textile solutions. We thus cover many needs and wishes. We place heavy emphasis on being able to read trends and customers’ and end users’ needs with respect to both aesthetics and function," says Inger Mosholt Nielsen, Business Manager, DesignMaster.

We are always striving to meet and challenge the highest standards, to offer a long list of certifications and to comply with the market’s special requirements – we do not compromise.

"We study the market, listen to our users, and always strive to develop the best product within the given framework. We never compromise! Our philosophy is that we prefer to do more than is formally required and move the borders rather than merely fulfil the specified minimum requirements," says Inger Mosholt Nielsen.

Our uncompromising approach to the market also requires us to constantly challenge our own organisation and be proactive in our attempts to introduce textiles and solutions in an innovative manner.

"We’re convinced that this creates both credibility and loyalty. The customer is well aware that we are always working systematically to provide the greatest possible value in our partnership," Claus Møller concludes.



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