Sample materials must be top professional, represent the quality, and make it easy for the customer to make a choice. Over the past six years, BoConcept has therefore left the development, handling and production of their sample card to us. We have full responsibility for ensuring that their 250 plus shops throughout the world are fully equipped to service their customers.

When a customer chooses a textile for a new piece of furniture, it is absolutely essential that the sample material has exactly the right form, and provides the necessary information. SampleMaster has extensive experience in advising, developing, producing and handling this entire process – the successful furniture chain BoConcept knows this, and it has entered into a partnership with SampleMaster in order to supply cards with textiles and wood to their shops.

Our products are based on letting the customers design their own furniture, so it’s important for us that we have a sample for the customer to take home. But one of the biggest challenges in sample cards is to be able to produce them when the range changes, and we can’t do this internally. We have therefore given the job to SampleMaster, which takes over the entire process.

"When we introduce new types of fabric into our range, SampleMaster produces new sample cards, and we actually don’t have anything to do with the samples once they’re put into production," says Jakob Lund, Store Opening Manager at BoConcept.

Complete outsourcing

SampleMaster’s services cover all our partners’ needs – and we’re constantly working to extend our range. We advise in order to give the customer exactly the right solution. We develop and design the material. We cut and mount, and offer storage and despatch of the material. We’re not limited to Gabriel textiles. We work with textiles from a wide range of suppliers and we also work with materials such as steel, plastic and laminate. We’ve had a close partnership with BoConcept for more than six years and we handle all aspects of their sample cards.

"It’s a very big advantage for us to be able to outsource the sample cards to SampleMaster, who are experts in the area and who can also handle the entire production and logistics side. We’re totally confident about leaving it to them. It greatly eases our work and gives us the freedom to concentrate on what we’re good at," Jakob Lund concludes.

Focus: trends, quality and the environment

Here at SampleMaster we know that the samples are an important sales tool for our customers. They must be effective and do the job. So we’re also always well prepared to advise on trends within interiors and design. We see ourselves as our customers’ sparring partner, and we never compromise on quality and the environment.

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