Forget everything you know about upholstery materials – a revolutionary new product has appeared – a material that makes no compromises with a high level of comfort, the environment and hygiene. It’s the sector’s revolutionary alternative to PU foam. Give ZenXit a warm welcome.

It’s no secret that the furniture industry does not have an alternative to PU foam that puts an end to the foam’s environmental problems without diminishing its properties. There have been many attempts, but only now is there a ground-breaking alternative on the market. This year, Gabriel is presenting the upholstery material ZenXit, which sets new standards for ordinary upholstery, and we’re in no doubt that it will change the sector’s way of thinking about upholstery material.

"ZenXit is an epoch-making material which raises the standard for both comfort and hygiene for upholstery materials with a material which is both sustainable and recyclable. With ZenXit, the furniture industry is gaining an exceptionally user-friendly and bacteria-resistant upholstery material that covers many more needs than upholstering and comfort. We’ve created a niche product with functionalities exceeding those of foam," says Claus Møller, Gabriel’s Chief Commercial Officer.

The possibilities appear endless

ZenXit consists of highly elastic and flexible fibres which are extruded into an elastic three-dimensional network structure. The extrusion can be varied with respect to density and thickness so that the material has a range of applications. ZenXit is extremely breathable, water and bacteria repellent and washable while retaining its shape and supporting the body in an appropriate and comfortable manner.

"When we decided to develop an alternative to PU foam in 2006, the decision was based on an environmental agenda. But when ZenXit began to take shape, we found that we were solving even more of the sector’s challenges. We had developed a material far beyond our expectations, and the obvious areas of application are countless," says Inger Mosholt Nielsen, Business Manager, DesignMaster.

The material’s unique properties mean that the reduced pressure on the human body is exemplary and results in a unique level of comfort. Studies have shown that users of chairs and beds where ZenXit is used gain an optimal blood flow, thereby reducing the discomfort associated with lengthy stays in the same position, as, for example, in hospital beds, desk chairs, trains and aeroplanes. ZenXit is also washable, which has major advantages for e.g. the health sector, where bacteria, dust mites and infections must be kept to an absolute minimum.

A new era in the sector

We have tested and analysed ZenXit in cooperation with a number of our biggest customers within various segments. The response has been overwhelmingly positive:

"The sector’s designers, engineers and environmental officers are very interested in looking more closely at this material, and several of them are already in progress with their own user tests. The industry has shown an amazing openness to an alternative upholstery material. With ZenXit, we’re making a line in the sand with respect to the sector’s dilemma in relation to environmental standards when it comes to filler material for upholstering," says Inger Mosholt Nielsen.

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A health-promoting material

International investigations show that 15% of patients have bedsores, half of which appear during stays in hospital – among other reasons because the mattress does not support optimal blood circulation. ZenXit is an alternative mattress solution and a revolutionary answer to several of the health sector’s challenges.

Gabriel’s new upholstery material ZenXit is on the way to becoming the answer to a number of the health sector’s challenges. We originally developed the material on the basis of environmental considerations concerning upholstery, but ZenXit also proved to be able to solve problems such as lying comfort, bedsores and various matters of hygiene in the health sector. The secret lies in the material’s unique network structure of highly elastic and flexible fibre s – a ground-breaking new concept.

The network structure makes the difference

Danish investigations show that up to 43% of all patients admitted to hospital may develop bedsores, partly because of the limited or lack of possibility of moving. The weight is not distributed evenly, so heat and moisture are increased in the places under pressure, and the risk of forming sores and infections is substantial. The problem of sores is thus a major challenge, and often also the reason why the time in hospital is extended.

ZenXit’s unique network structure makes a marked difference because:

  • The pressure is distributed differently.
  • The network structure increases the mattress’s support of blood circulation, giving maximum comfort to the patient.
  • The air flow in the mattress limits the building up of heat and moisture in areas near the skin.
  • The procedures for the nursing staff are optimised because physical loads and lifting are minimised.
  • Bonus advantages for hygiene

In contrast to foam mattresses, all areas of the ZenXit mattress are easy to clean, minimising the problem of bacteria, dust mites and fungus in patients’ beds and permitting new and optimised washing processes and routines because:

The mattress’s high through-flow of air means that there is no accumulation of the moisture or heat which provide fertile ground for bacterial growth.

  • The material can be cleaned with water, cleaning agents and ozone.
  • The material itself has proved to be bacteriocidal.

The hospitals are ready

ZenXit has been laboratory tested with positive and unique results in use in the hospital and health sector. ZenXit mattresses are already in use in Japanese hospitals, and an impending series of tests in a major Danish hospital will adapt ZenXit and make it ready to market to the global health sector. Hospitals the world over will soon be able to use an alternative mattress offering far more functionalities than the traditional foam mattress – a health-promoting solution!

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