The new woollen textile Crisp simultaneously represents the classic and the modern upholstery textile, where aesthetics and functionality merge into a higher harmony. With its crisp appearance, fantastic colour play and excellent upholstery qualities, Crisp was created to upholster simple as well as organic and demanding pieces of furniture.

Crisp is a slim, elegant and stylish textile with good stretching qualities. The fabric is woven in an attractive combination of melange yarns, each of which contains a wealth of colours composed in accordance with the trends of the period. The wool’s natural beauty and strong functional qualities are united in this upholstery textile in an extremely refined manner, and a fresh modern textile with exceptional performance is introduced.

Pure in style and dynamic

Crisp is addressed to users seeking a slim, strong and upholstery-friendly furniture textile. With its simple and classic appearance and its fantastic colour palette, Crisp is an obvious choice for use in both public environments and private homes. With colours based on classic woollen tweed with added topicality in the form of a contemporary choice of nuances and clarity, Crisp supports both the discreet and the classic as well as the more expressive and personal furnishing.

Strength and flexibility

Crisp is woven from an attractive and strong woollen yarn, so it has exceptionally good qualities in use. Its fantastic wearing qualities and fine stretching qualities make it easy to work with Crisp. The textile is ideal for perfect and strong-wearing upholstery for every type of furniture, whether simple or more organic and complex. With the wool’s strong environmental profile and fantastic qualities with respect to comfort and aging, Crisp is a safe choice when the emphasis is on high quality together with beauty and comfort.


Structure and nuances

This svelte textile’s simple and stringent structure is the basis for 39 attractively matched melange colours. With the starting point in classic woollen tweed, the individual colours are created via mixtures of fibres in up to five different nuances. With a palette of topical and dynamic melanges, Crisp is a visually elegant textile with complex colours. At the same time, the melange effect subdues the appearance of the soiling to which upholstered furniture is subjected during intensive use, thereby prolonging the life of the furniture.

The palette is extensive but at the same time precise relative to modern colour trends, containing both warm and cold neutral nuances, strong classic tones and delicate intermediate shades – all colours with their own strong identity which offers individual use while also inviting play with compositions and coordinated colour patterns in bigger interiors.

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