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The working relationship between Gabriel and Wiesner-Hager has existed for over 15 years, and now has the nature of a partnership where the two companies develop products together, drawing on each others’ strong sides.

“Gabriel has lots of designs,” says Marketing Manager Franz Gurtner, “and most of them match our portfolio perfectly. And then they are experts. They have an incredible knowledge of fabrics and colours. We can use that in relation to our customers. It’s about knowledgesharing. About continuously improving our competences and learning from each other – for the benefit of all.”


A tangible result of the partnership is that Wiesner Hager’s standard collection now consists of Gabriel fabrics.

A larger palette of fabrics and colours will now be added specifically for projects, which will allow architects and dealers to choose precisely the right material and colour without having to look for products on the free market.

“It’s an advantage for the architect and the dealer to buy from one supplier,” explains Ole Fomsgaard from Gabriel, “and for Wiesner-Hager it’s an advantage to use tested materials which they know in advance they can upholster with and vouch for. The price is also known in advance by all parties involved, and this ensures that the project can be completed within the planned budget.”

Fabric seminars

As a new item, Wiesner-Hager and Gabriel are together offering fabric seminars for dealers and customers.

The seminars focus on the material qualities which are important when it comes to choosing the right fabric for the different types of use. Test methods like Martindale, pilling, colour fastness, flammability tests etc. are also fully explained, as they are used every day in the selection of fabrics.

About Wiesner-Hager

The furnishing of offices, public and social buildings is a balance between efficiency and wellbeing. A partnership between Wiesner-Hager and Gabriel makes it easier to find this balance.

Wiesner-Hager is among Europe’s leading manufacturers of office and contract furniture. The company is located in Altheim in Austria, and its roots go back as far as 1849. The company started to make furniture in 1921, and in the 1980s it started focusing on office and communication furniture.

Today, Wiesner-Hager is an important player on the contract market. Not a manufacturer in the traditional sense of the word – but a promoter of efficiency and job satisfaction. “We are concept-oriented rather than production-oriented,” says Marketing Manager Franz Gurtner, “specialists in office architecture. We have a holistic view of furnishing, and we think in terms of solutions which function and create happiness at the same time – because it is a high-quality product design, which also radiates feeling.”

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