Trendy textiles for tweens


Comfort is now available with prints in camouflage and four-leaf clover on a smart new and functional chair for children and young people from age eight and up.

Comfort is an obvious choice for a chair for young tweens because the fabric is soft and hard-wearing, dirt-repellent and easy to clean.

The prints were created in a partnership between Gabriel, the textile print expert Mai Plank and the relaxation expert Sanne Buhl, who designed the Spinella Tweeny chair for children aged eight and up.

Comfort with prints – smart and hard-wearing

Comfort with the two print options has now gone into production and it is being fitted on chair and back supports on Spinella Tweeny: two prints with two different expressions which appeal to tweens of both sexes – camouflage for boys and four-leaf clover for girls.

The chair it’s fun to sit on

Exactly because children and young people now sit at the PC playing and working for many hours a day, the computer chair must be a cool item to have in the room and fun to sit on. With its trendy young textile design and unique ergonomic sitting comfort, Spinella Tweeny meets both requirements.

The Spinella Tweeny is the first chair of its kind designed for the ages between child and adult, and apart from the print, it is a faithful copy of the original Spinella office chair for adults. The original Spinella is supplied with Comfort in over 100 different colours which can be combined to make a personal chair in three matching colours.

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