I'm not a man, I'm a label...


The recognised English designer Tom Dixon has been working on branding his product and furniture design activities under his own name for almost four years – inspired by the fashion world. Tom Dixon has now designed his first upholstery fabric in collaboration with Gabriel.

Tom Dixon decided to open his own design company in London in September 2002 after several years as a designer with a number of Italian companies. His idea was to market the Tom Dixon name as a brand in the same way that the names of hot fashion designers are synonymous with their collections.

I’m not a man, I’m a label...

"I decided to found my own company where I have control over the label and the entire business model. So now I'm not a man, I'm a label. It feels great and liberating and makes things very simple. When I create a chair, for instance, people know I designed it. This sends customers a clear, consistent message," relates Tom Dixon.

Tom Dixon loves to break down barriers and try out new materials and areas of application. He is known for his innovative installations in public places. Among other things, he worked together with Gabriel on the Link Plain fabric in shades of blue for the world's longest sofa in connection with the design fair in Milan in April 2006.

The collaboration on Link Plain has now been taken a step further so that Gabriel can offer Link as designed piece goods in a number of different colour combinations. Designed by Tom Dixon and transformed into yarn and bindings with the right structure, wearing properties, and colour-fastness by Gabriel's textile designer Mette Mikkelsen.

Link - a pattern with tradition and history

"I wanted to create a pattern that had a tradition and a history. Link is a kind of knot pattern that is familiar from many different cultures, from the Vikings and Celts to Africans. But Link is also related to cell structures in microbiology and the structure of woven and sewn materials. Link has many dimensions, so people can see what they want to see," explains Tom Dixon.

"Link is based on the idea of a partnership where both sides win and act as each other's ambassadors at fairs of different kinds. This means we all attract more attention." explains Tom Dixon.