Bene brings fabric into the office


Space, shapes and multifunctional interactive areas are important concepts in PARCS, Bene’s innovative popular office furniture concept. Many offices around the world have now been transformed by PARCS’ modern functional design with its practical approach to interactive office areas.

The Austrian furniture manufacturer Bene introduced its innovative office furniture concept PARCS in 2009, and it was an immediate hit. PARCS is designed for the central areas in our modern offices, where the employees work together on various activities away from their respective workplaces. Wolfgang Neubert from Bene AG’s Executive Board Sales and Marketing explains:
"We wanted to create areas for informal communication and cooperation which could counterbalance the traditional workplaces. Our PARCS solutions take account of productivity as well as the company’s employees’ wellbeing by enabling different working methods such as brainstorming, meetings or reading".

Raising the bar for fabrics

"When Bene expanded its range to include PARCS, there was a need for a big range of standard fabrics – and lots of them, given the size and design of the furniture. Today, one of the company’s best selling PARCS fabrics is Europost, which is designed and made by Gabriel".

"We chose Europost because it offers a combination of qualities which meet our criteria for the PARCS line of furniture. Of course there were specific requirements regarding quality, design, colour palette and price level, but qualities such as being fire-resistant, easy to clean and sustainable were also important factors in the choice. It’s not without reason that Europost is one of the more popular PARCS fabrics – it’s perfect for comfortable office furniture", explains Bene’s product manager Nicole Schemerl-Streben.

Europost 2 is a classic fabric which highlights the furniture’s design. It has a homogeneous surface without visible direction, and the design’s felt-like character gives the surface a uniform and clean expression. The wool’s sheen and quality give the colours life and depth. Europost carries both the EU Ecolabel and the Oeko-Tex 100 label – a guarantee of health and sustainability.

Bene recently introduced two new fabrics in the PARCS range, Step and Step Melange, also from Gabriel. The expectations are high:
"We expect that the Step and Step Melange fabrics will become very popular, especially because of the many design possibilities offered by the melange effect, but also because of the colours, the fire-retardant properties and the price level", says Schemerl-Streben.

Creating tomorrow's solutions

PARCS has conformed Bene’s growing reputation as a design-controlled organisation which sets the agenda and raises the bar for innovative furniture solutions for office environments. Bene and Gabriel expect to continue their partnership on future furniture projects:
"It’s a delight to work with Bene because it’s a recognised brand with outstanding products. Our partnership has played, and will continue to play, an important role in the creation of tomorrow’s solutions for the furniture sector", concludes Anders H. Petersen, Gabriel’s CEO.